Planning To Add On Great Audio Effects To A Video?

1Do you need to jazz up your video with great audio effects and looking for tips? Well, the audio quotient is always a fantastic part of any video, rendering a much desired dramatic edge to it- regardless of the video theme- be it any casual video presentation or a commercial or a movie. Now, the question comes as to how to induce the audio part in your otherwise silent video. The great bit is that today you have video editor software systems that allow you to add sound tracks in any video. Below are the tips that will help you with step by step instructions on how to get audio in your video through the video editor software. Continue reading

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Words That Do NOT Have English Translation


We’ve collated a list of words from Lost in Translation book will make you take your dictionaries. Sorry to disappoint but these words actually do not have any translations in English. But they have meanings. Continue reading

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Cosplay Concerns: How To Take Care of Your Wig

Who are cosplayers here? Who do you love to imitate? Me, I think I’m too old for that. But if given a chance, I’d go for the girl version of Ranma.  [ if that will pass.LOL]

I am so amazed by how well cosplayers around the world give their 101% effort to look like the character they represent, whether it be from manga, anime, comic books, video games, and films. Continue reading

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Hubby’s New Work

After a series of interviews, exams, medical tests, clearances, and all that, Reil got a call from Volkswagen. He immediately grabbed the opportunity and passed all the necessary requirements.  Continue reading

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Celebrities Who Looked Different After One Small Transformation

I love makeovers! It’s so awesome to see people’s looks change after they had some things done whether on their faces or their bodies. This video will show you how Hollywood celebrities looked different after one small transformation.

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Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Recently, social networking sites have been flooded with hashtags about cheating and infidelity. Well, ABS-CBN’s The Legal Wife surely made the number one spot in the trends. Are you one of those legal wives who have been cheated? Or there are things you’re starting to feel different about your other half? This list can be signs that your partner might be cheating on you: Continue reading

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Simple Tips to Maximize Small-Space Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the essential parts of the house. It is a place of comfort and privacy for most of us whether it has a big or small space. It is also the part of the house where every individual express themselves by the room’s design and style. Here are some simple tips to maximize small space bedroom: Continue reading

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Caring for Your Roof in the Winter

Your roof takes a beating all year round, but especially in the winter. At other times in the year, it gets the chance to dry out in between storms, but during the winter, snow can sit on your roof for months without a break. Continue reading

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Paint Essentials

Paint is considered a house necessity. It not just adds color but also plays a big role in the overall design of the house. Newly painted houses looks really polished and clean. Continue reading

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Great Decoration Ideas for a Small House

It is nice to decorate the interior part of your own small house especially when it is newly built. Nowadays, it is practical for some couples to prefer to have a small family and to have a simple house. Here are some great tips for decorating a small house: Continue reading

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