Bioessence Celebrates Their 18th Anniversary!

October 31, 2012 – Cinema 3, SM Megamall. Bioessence celebrated their 18th anniversary of serving Filipino people with pampering and endless beautification through a blocked screening of Skyfall 007. 

Known for its pampering services, did you know that Bioessence started their beauty clinic operation in 1994 with only 3 bed clinics? Since then, it has built up almost 28 outlets nationwide.

In addition, they also help those who would like to be successful in business by having their own Bioessence franchise. Cool! :)

Up until now, Bioessence continues to upgrade their services. They also have a one-stop shop where you can buy whitening and anti-aging soaps, food supplements, etc.

I sure am gonna visit their Greenbelt branch before the year ends. I just hope they have services for preggys like me too.

Anyway, I want to greet again Bioessence a happy 18th anniversary and for having a successful event. I didn’t feel a silver ounce of regret or anything. Really enjoyed the night.

Thank you Bioessence and Ms. Vance Madrid for the exclusive invites!

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