All I Want This Christmas is Contentment

A few hours from now and it’s Christmas! As I was prepping up for our Noche Buena, I heard the brother tell something about things he wanted to do, gadgets he wanna buy with his money. I stayed quiet and continued on what I was doing.

Thoughts start to crawl in my head, “if only I have the same resources (financially), then I will buy my own laptop. This past few months has been hard for me. But I know I’ll get by. For years I’ve been trying hard, saving it all to buy this gadget not because I want it, but because I NEED it. Working as a virtual assistant required me to carry out tasks in front of the PC for hours and hours everyday.

With all these mind hubbubs, I asked myself, “What do I really want this Christmas?” I arrived to one prayer and personal request: to be content with what I have, with what God is giving me. Maybe that is just what I need. To use and maximize my resources whichever way I can..and avoid complaining.

Thank You Lord for being a good provider. Make my heart beat for You and Your will alone. Amen.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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One Response to All I Want This Christmas is Contentment

  1. AJ says:

    In this highly commercialized world, contentment is an endangered state of mind. Advertisers certainly DON’T want people to be contented. We are bombarded by ads everywhere saying you’re not thin enough, not cool enough, not connected enough, not healthy enough, not this, not that – so BUY more! :))

    Yun lang, hehe. Happy holidays!

    Btw, I almost deleted your comment in my blog. Found at the spam folder.

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