Blogged: Real Men Don’t Carry Umbrellas

“Real men don’t carry umbrellas.” Is this true? From a woman’s point of view, this is very illogical. I remember one rainy day. The hubby and I were just in the getting-to-know-you stage then. I handed him my umbrella expecting he’d open and carry for us, but he didn’t. Instead, he gave it back to me and make me hold it in our entire date! It was the first time I met a guy like that. Then, I gave him another chance, thinking maybe he’s just too shy. But still came out with the same result.

To my disappointment, thinking he’s becoming less of a gentleman than I expect him to be, I gently confronted him about this simple matter. A few of his reasons why he cannot take an umbrella and carry it for me–or for us: Because he feels less macho and he’s not used to bring an umbrella with him.

“How about on rainy days. Do you just let yourself soak to death outside?”

“I wear a jacket to protect myself”, he gently replied.

Up until now, I find it hard to reconcile these reasons. The hubby and my brother even talked about it –  and they understand each other!

They might bring an umbrella, but it had to be a 3-fold one  so that they can hide inside their bags!

Just my 2 cents – I guess, for us ladies, men holding the umbrella  for us doesn’t make him look less of a macho person. Instead, it gives us the security and comfort of our guy being a gentleman.

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