How Our Beds Are Made: Plant Tour @ Uratex

To be honest, the idea on how my bed is made hasn’t really crossed my mind. Not until I was able to have a plant tour at Euratex. Last March 8, we (together with 20+ bloggers) drove off to Uratex Muntinlupa plant along Km. 23 East Service Road, South Superhighway, Bo. Cupang, Muntinlupa.

After about an hour or so, we reached the place and was greeted warmly by their employees. Okay, I won’t let you in with the unimportant details, so I’ll go directly to the purpose of us being there. Here’s how your soft layer of mattress is made-step by step-the Euratex way.

Step 1:  2 main ingredients of foam (Polyon & TDI) are mixed together with all the other chemicals



Minor Chemicals

Step 2: These are piped to the Hennecke, the new foaming equipment tagged as the “Mercedes Benz” of the foam-making industry.


The foam in liquid form

Step 3: After 20 seconds, it will be like this:

Step 4: A specialized machine will automatically cut the foam block when it reaches 30 meters (2 tons).

Step 5: The long blocks are picked up by an overhead crane and moved into a curing area to cool down for 24 hours

Step 6: The foam block will go to a warehouse. Q.A. will have their physical inspection. Research and Development will test the foam from top, middle and bottom (density, tear test, fire test, etc) [Sorry, we are not allowed to take photos on the Research and Development area]

Step 7: The blocks are then cut for production, depending on the client’s size order.

Step 8: Once cut and contoured, the foam goes straight to packaging under strict quality control standards.

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  1. astig316 says:

    It was a fun day, indeed!

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