Missing My Feline Friends

I got this particular fondness over cats. Their sweetness and purr-ing and their God-given nature of being an attention seeker makes me want to hug and be with them always. Until Caeli came along… :)

My emotion, attention and mind switched from my feline friends to my little baby love.

Now, I am not allowed (that much) to touch and cuddle my little furry pets lest I’ll stake Caeli taking advair diskus 60ds or asthma stuff not good for her young body.

One time, I saw my girl getting excited over one of our cats. The curiosity of seeing these cute creature meow-ing and rubbing its body at the foot of our chair makes her scream with joy and want to reach it. Caeli does this every time. She stretches her hands and pushes her way from her stroller to touch the cat who, by the way, stares at my child with question in its eyes, “what’s this one doing?” LOL!

Oh my! I miss the cats soo much! Maybe when my little love grows a little older, then we can play with our furry friends once again. :)



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