Taking On A New Leaf

I have been a virtual assistant for 2 years already and it has been a great pleasure for me to work with different clients over those times. I’ve learned so much when it comes to writing, doing basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and all. Last week, I was referred by my long time client to a friend…

We exchanged conversations and he gave me a rate that anyone cannot refuse. But I have to take things into consideration knowing I now have a baby to take care of. So, I shared my situation to him in all honestly and sincerity. Then I prayed for God’s hand upon this dilemma.

To my surprise, he emailed back. Letting me know of his thoughts, he understood my situation, being a father and all. And he gave me an interview form I have to answer and submit to him. Then, from there, we’ll see what will happen next.

Right now, I am undergoing a one-week training for him. My tasks include content writing and some research. I am learning new stuff and I like it. I love the idea of exploring website hosting, printing shop website, web development, website marketing, and all that goes along with it. Oh, did I say I am really enjoying this? :)

With God’s help, I hope and pray to pass this trial period.

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