The Mechanic

My husband works as a car mechanic in Rapide Auto Service. He really loves his job because he learns so much about cars. Not only that, handling high-end vehicles adds to his learning experience. 

Every time I ask him how his day went, he’d always tell me of the breathtaking automobiles he has test drived and fixed. I love how his eyes sparkle with amazement of being able to even sit and manipulate such vehicles of class.

Working for long hours maneuvering lifts for automobiles, changing and fixing parts, and so on, gives him the opportunity to dig deeper and get to know further about car parts. This gets him more equip in dealing with  challenging car problems.

Just yesterday, their team was able to repair a hummer limousine. Cool! He was soooo excited, he even took home a flyer for me to see the vehicle. :)

My only prayer is for God to always protect him as he does his work. Especially at times when he does his test drive. I know Manila is a very risky place to drive such cars but my faith for the One who protects him is even greater.

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