Things That Make Women Happy

Women are naturally created with a big heart, thus a very emotional being. You can easily break her or make her laugh at the top of her lungs in a heartbeat. But really, how do you make such a wonderfully created person happy-making her feel good and confident?


It is a fact that women generally spend on hefty priced beauty products to feel confident. Lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras, blush-ons – these are just PART of their happiness but that’s not all. There are also those feel-good factors that gives them joy.

  • New hair cut or color – The excitement of having something new 
  • When a child says “You’re pretty” –  While walking on the street, a kid just bursts these words. Oh, doesn’t it make you feel great?
  • Being told you look younger than your age – Who wouldn’t want to take such compliment?
  • Cuddle – A warm embrace gives a tired heart comfort that eases stress away
  • Fully rested body – Everyone wants to have a good nights sleep. This removes bad vibes and re-energizes your system
  • A smile from a stranger – It’s so nice to receive a smile from someone you do not know. It just makes you smile and do the same to others
  • Looking good in a picture
  • Perfectly clean and plucked eyebrows – No one wants to go on a date with a bushy brows

Lastly, a kind word or compliment will top off everything. Whether a friend’s affirmation about your chosen instrument from baritone ukulele guitar center or a loved ones encouragement during tough times, it’ll always make you feel great and happy.

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