Finding the Joy in Doing Yard Work

Growing up, most young boys are asked to help their dads in the yard doing yard work. It is not something that most enjoy at the time. However, looking back on those days, most men will tell you that they enjoyed the time they spent with their dads in the yard. It is something that they even miss if they do not have a yard of their own to take care of. However, those that do have yards tend to have the same brand of yard equipment their dad had when they were growing up, such as Ex Mark, Honda, Ryobi, and others.

Not All of the Joy Lies in the Finished Product

The real joy in doing yard work lies in the finished product. It was not easy to understand what the end goal was as a kid. As an adult in charge of your own yard, it is easy to see how there is joy in improving your yard. When you are the man of the house, you are making the decisions on the yard. You decide what you are trying to accomplish with it. Having that vision makes the work more enjoyable and much more rewarding when it comes together. As a kid though, the reward was being with your dad and establishing that relationship. As a father now, you have the chance to establish that same kind of relationship with your kids by having them work with you in the yard.

The Ice Cream at the End Is Most Important for Everyone

When all of the work in the yard is done for the day, the ice cream counts the most. Having some ice cream on the back porch with your children can bring a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment. Your kids may not remember that you used the brand Ex Mark yard equipment and they may not remember the exact instructions you gave them, but they will remember the ice cream at the end of a long, hard day. The memories they establish in that setting will be something they will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.

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