Home Tips: How to Clean and Maintain Your Range Cooker

Mommies, the kitchen is our work area. We almost spend half of our daily routine in this area. Our little kids’ baon are well-prepared here. Hubby’s morning and after dinner coffee are served and stirred here. And our every day meal are cooked and planned in this little corner specially designed for us. This being said, we always want to keep it as spotless and dirt free as possible.

Sink, cupboards, dining set-these are part of our ‘office’. And the tool that keeps us together and serves as our bestfriend is the cooking range. With this, we can serve the best food for our family.

Like our most loved gadget, we should always make it a point to keep our cooking material in its best state. How? Basic maintenance: Keep it clean. Let’s look at some home tips to maintain (and clean) our range of quality cookers.

Tidy it Up:

  • Manage to wipe stains and spills before they form into solid patches on your cooker. You can use damp water and soap.
  • For the stainless steel areas, you can opt for specific stainless steel cleansing products
  • Oven, oven door, grids, and burners should always be washed with a clean soapy sponge and grease-removing material

Let it serve its purpose for years and years to come:

  • Do not clean it while the burner is still hot. Let it cool down first
  • Turn off the controls after use
  • Place the pans on the center of the hobs

Economical Cleaning tips!

Squeeze a lemon onto your cooking range and let the juice sit for half a minute. Afterwards, wipe it with a soft damp sponge followed by a dry cloth. Voila! Clean and sparkling cooker awaits its owner. :)

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