Taking Care of Your Printer

Printer is a computer peripheral that can also be considered as very useful nowadays. With this device, you can now have a tangible output of your computer files, office documents or school projects. A good source of printed snapshots and memorabilia. There are also those printers that has multiple functions such as printer-scanner-photocopier in one. Very useful indeed so we need to know the proper maintenance for such a great machine. Let’s see how we should take care of our printer.

  • Turn it off if not in use
  • Use authentic/genuine ink – The quality of your ink will depend on how long your printer can live. It’s like the gas to a car. Whenever you use a second rate ink, it will definitely take its toll in the coming days, weeks, or months. 
  • Use good quality paper in printing – Do not be harsh on your device. It cannot feed thick paper. Careful or it may damage the paper puller wheel. Also avoid using bent or torn paper
  • Keep it clean – Wipe the accumulated dust in the printer engine. Also, if there are still torn papers left inside, make sure to take them all off
  • Replace old and worn rollers – Old rollers are the cause of paper jams. Because they get smoother with regular use, it does not pull the paper as it used to


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