The Right Style of Pantyhose For You

Pantyhose or tights-as used in other countries-are thin leg-wear that shells your lower body i.e. from waist to feet. This woman’s garment is also a good alternative for stockings (considering that stockings are just knee-high, most often than not, it slips off your legs). When I was still working in the corporate world, I always use a pantyhose to complete my look. Looking for the right style of pantyhose is easy, especially if you know what type best suits your lifestyle.

  • Seamed Pantyhose – Has a backseam hosiery that has a classic beauty and vintage feel . You can buy this online at Alex Blake
  • Sheer Pantyhose – These are completely transparent. A good choice for dresses and can be worn in open-toe shoes
  • Opaque – Thicker than sheer and are offered in different color choices
  • Light Support – The most long-lasting among all sheer hosiery and it actually eases leg fatigue
  • Ultra Sheer – It’s so thin, it gives your legs a natural, sophisticated look.
  • Business Sheer – This are perfect for everyday wear because it hugs your legs gently. You can wear this on business suits or dress to look formal.
  • Tights – Made of cotton, less sheer.  You can match this with any skirt or shoes to look more trendy
  • Run Resistant – A good choice for active days. Made with heavier stitches to lessen the chances of running

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