Top 5 Valentine Songs Of All Time

A few hours left before we celebrate the much awaited Valentine’s day of 2013. Now, who’s excited! Are the flowers and chocolates ready? How about the candle lit dinner? I hope you did prepare love songs that would set the mood to that love-melt-feeling with your loved one. If you need any help, here are my top 5 Valentine songs of all time wherein you can get ideas what music to play.

1. I Want To Give It All – Air Supply

2. Through the Years – Kenny Rogers

3. Love Moves In Mysterious Ways – Nina

3. Beautiful In My Eyes – Joshua Kadison

4. Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko – Noel Cabangon

5. Kanlungan – Noel Cabangon

I still have a gazillion love songs in mind-mostly are my husband and I’s favorite and have been in our wedding playlist. 😀 Well, another great idea is to play instrumental love songs using yamaha clarinet, acoustic guitar, piano, etc.

I do hope you’d be able to give your special someone his/her a special Valentine’s day. Enjoy!

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