Mark Zuckerberg’s Salary

As they say, “bata, matanda, may ngipin o wala, lahat may Facebook account na“. Facebook has been the world’s leading social networking site even before. Thankful to Mark Zuckerberg’s intelligence, we can now all connect with our loved ones abroad, and event those we haven’t seen in years-old friends, relatives, etc. This also gave way to help others who are in need-missing persons, and so on.

In line with this, many people have been asking about Mark Zuckerberg’s earnings. Here’s the breakdown of his salary according to AFP news:

  • Earned more than $2 billion worth of stock last year (2012)
  • Earned $503,000 in base pay (2012)
  • Was also given bonuses that added up to slightly more than $266,000
  • Received $1.22 million in “other compensation”
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